MIL Activity 12.2: A picture of globalisation

Write a short (200 word) entry in your learning journal describing some of the ways that globalised goods or services are used in your local context.

Blueberries are a regular feature of my breakfast. In winter, they fly in from Chile. In summer, from New Jersey or British Columbia. Bananas and coffee arrive from Costa Rica. Milk is local.

There are no Canadian-made electronics in my home. If/when China stops exporting, I will be forced to use my phone, computer etc. until they wear out or find others on the black market.

The local Wal-Mart contains little or no domestic product. In addition to providing cheap products to budget-conscious shoppers, it exports their money to the US and overseas. Costco provides the same services for those with more disposable income.


The 2013 clothing factory collapse in Bangladesh implicated Loblaws, our major grocery chain, which includes Joe Fresh, a line of clothing manufactured in Bangladesh and featured in each megastore. There were several images of the Joe Fresh label among the rubble and debris during the rescue efforts. The CEOs of each company made public statements, not claiming naïve innocence but pledging to help the injured and to improve working conditions among garment workers.

There is no question of living in a globalised culture. The question becomes, ‘how do we do so ethically?’


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