Activity 12.1 – Globalization – who owns?

Who owns the local newspaper, radio and television stations?
Canada has one public television broadcaster and a few private broadcasters.
Recently, its major internet and telephone provider purchased its largest private television network.
There are one or two major newspaper chains.
There are several radio networks, including one public network.
There is also a very large number of weekly/monthly independent newspapers.
For the most part, Canadian media institutions are Canadian-owned.
Who owns the social media networks?
These are the shared networks used by other North American and European countries: Facebook, Twitter, etc.
Do all of the news sources seem to give the same story, or do they present alternative views and diverse sources?
There is little diversity in the perspective of news sources.
News outlets subscribe to news services (Reuters, Canadian Press, Associated Press), all of whom employ stringers in foreign countries.
They get most of their news from government and corporate news releases.
There are small publications attached to marginalized groups, but these have small audiences.
With the advent of the internet and alternative news organizations and bloggers, there is now greater diversity of perspectives. Gawker is one example. A Canadian example is, which promotes an alternative POV.
The low cost of publishing on the net has provided a place for dissenting voices, like

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